To safely dismantle and remove the redundant steel rail bridge over the River Leven within the Tullis Russell Papermill site. 

Our challenge was to access the bridge and remove the ballast which had become overgrown with vegetation, prior to its careful dismantling and removal. The bridge spanned 22 metres across the river and was offset at approximately 30 degrees.

Location:  Tullis Russell, Markinch, Glenrothes


Duration:  3 Weeks


Our project was resourced and controlled from our Head Office in Falkirk, deploying to site a full time site manager, demolition operatives, slinger/signallers and machine operatives. Initially an application was made to SEPA by GCM Services detailing the proposed method of work and all contingencies to prevent any contamination to the river.

A protection system was then slung along the underside of the bridge to allow removal of vegetation and Ballast.

Heavy Mobile Cranes were deployed to site under the direct control of GCM Services to allow the core dismantling and demolition works to commence.

Services Provided:   

  •   Dismantling  
  •   Crainage  
  •   Hand Demolition  
  •   Mechanical   Demolition  
  •   Hot cutting   techniques  
  •   Pre-weakening of   steel   structures  
  •   Liaison with SEPA


The project was completed on programme, within budget, without incident or injury and to the satisfaction of the HSE, Environment Agency and our client.

Processed From Site: 

  • Steel - 30 Tonnes
  • Timber - 20 Tonnes