Case Studies

M74 Motorway Gantries Deconstruction


GCM successfully delivered deconstruction services for our customer and the governing transport authority.

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INEOS Pipework Decommissioning


GCM successfully delivered decommissioning of redundant pipework with no operational impact  and minimal disturbance to the busy loading terminal.

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RWE Demolition of Railway Bridge


To safely dismantle and remove the redundant steel rail bridge over the River Leven within the Tullis Russell Papermill site.

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Tank 12 Demolition


Successful demolition of  a 360 ton oil tank. The tank was situated within an operational tank farm.

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Target Road Bridge Systematic Dismantling


GCM delivered deconstruction and demolition of a condemned road bridge over a live pipe gantry.

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Asbestos Ground Remediation


On completion of a superstructure demolition it was identified that asbestos cement material had been buried below the former factory unit. GCM were required to safely decontaminate the asbestos material and remove it from site.

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Specialised Lift Project


GCM Services were commissioned by Metsa Wood to carefully dismantle and load a high value Hundegger CNC Joinery Machine onto transport for onward export to Finland.

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Press Decommissioning


Four redundant Hydraulic Presses used to manufacture stainless steel sinks were to be dismantled and decommissioned within the live production warehouse at Carron Falkirk.

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Dunfermline Museum & Art Galleries facade retention


GCM Services required to safely decontaminate, demolish and clear the former Dunfermline Museum. 

Retaining the original stone Façade fronting and leaving a clear internal space to facilitate a piling rig.

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Gray's Carpet Factory Demolition


Decontamination and demolition services to clear and hard landscape the former Grays Carpet Factory which predominantly covered a 5 acre site off McCall’s Avenue in Ayr.

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OI Manufacturing - Tank Deconstruct


GCM Services were required to safely decontaminate, de-lag, divorce and demolish a 750,000 litre heavy oil redundant storage tank located within a 3 metre high concrete bund in a live manufacturing plant. 

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SKYPARK Deconstruction


As part of the infrastructure works associated with the new Capital Square Development within Edinburgh City Centre, GCM were appointed to safely dismantle and remove the SKYPARK multi storey automated car park facility.