Four redundant Hydraulic Presses used to manufacture stainless steel sinks were to be dismantled and decommissioned within the live production warehouse at Carron Falkirk.

The four presses weighed a total of 250 tonnes and were hydraulically operated. The steel structure was constructed of extremely heavy gauge carbon steel, with various motors, pumps, valves and hydraulic rams. Due to the construction of the presses ‘reverse construction’ was not an option.

Our challenge was to decommission and remove the presses and associated structure from within the live production warehouse.

Location: Carron Works, Falkirk

Client: Franke

Duration: 4 weeks  


  Our project was resourced and controlled from our Head Office in Falkirk, deploying to site a full time site manager, asbestos personnel, demolition operatives and machine operatives.

Initially all enabling works were carried out, this included, Oil drainage, Pipework, Concrete slab removal and further oil sump/drainage preparation.

All redundant motors, valves and acoustic barriers were unbolted and removed.  Working from MEWPS the walkways and gantries were lifted off allowing further assesment and dismantling to progress. On completion of the operation the precast floor slabs were removed once again for backfilling and reinstatement. 

Services Provided:

  • Decontamination
  • Industrial Dismantling  


The project was completed on programme, within budget, without incident or injury and to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency and our client.

Processed From Site:

  • Steel - 250 Tonnes
  • Oil – 10000 litres